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Stratodesk и ThinPrint: простое использование VDI

Through their deepened collaboration, Stratodesk and ThinPrint make printing at VDI workstations easier than ever before.

Sometime ago, Citrix and its Citrix Ready partners Stratodesk and NComputing entered into a partnership that allowed the Citrix Ready Workspace Hub to be set up and managed in a plug-and-play way. Citrix provides the software components to deliver virtual desktops, apps and data in a secure, intelligent environment while providing exclusive features such as Citrix Casting, Proximity Authentication, Dual Monitor Support and more. The hardware, a highly cost-effective, Citrix Ready validated Raspberry Pi 3-based endpoint, comes from NComputing, and Stratodesk is responsible for managing and operating the endpoints with its Stratodesk NoTouch software. To enable simple, reliable and secure printing in this constellation, ThinPrint has now been brought on board with its ThinPrint Hub. ThinPrint’s Plug & Play solution with its printing capabilities for the Citrix Ready Workspace Hub can be centrally managed directly from the Stratodesk NoTouch Center along with the other endpoints.

Charlotte Kuenzell, ThinPrint CEO said “We’re really pleased to work with Citrix, Stratodesk and NComputing on this project. It means setting up and managing a workstation, and also leveraging mobile devices has never been easier – fully benefiting IT administrators, end-users and businesses as a whole.”

To gain an initial overview of the Citrix Ready Workspace Hub and ThinPrint Hub managed from the Stratodesk console, you can view an on-demand Citrix and ThinPrint: Plug & Play IT – How Citrix Workspace & ThinPrint Hub Perfect Cloud-Based Working

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